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Beginning Assembly Result

Turnkey LS2

The result at least for now!

    After over 5 1/2 years I am excited to say that My 68 Chevelle is finally back together and it looks sick. The interior came out great thanks to Todd Jubert from The Interior Shop The brushed nickel finish that covers all of the stainless, aluminum and chrome is awesome but what really made the car sick is the new Asanti wheels and Lexani tires. The Turnkey super charged LS2 is scary fast, maybe I should install seatbelts! The new Currie 9+ rear end and the TCI 6 speed transmission will finally let us see what she can do. Heck we can even do the dyno tune at Turnkey. We installed Billet hood hinges from Fesler Built are the smoothest operating hinges I have ever seen on any car and they look fantastic!

Bags Up

Or bags down

Baby's got new shoes!

I installed billet hood hinges designed and sold by Fesler Built and I am amazed. I knew they would look great with the brushed aluminum matching the other brushed surfaces under the hood. I expected they would take care of the sloppy factory style hinges that had caused my paint on the fender to chip more times than I want to admit. I was interested to see if they would be easier to adjust than the factory style hinges. They exceeded my expectations and delivered all that I wanted and then some. I did not expect to be able to lift my hood with one finger or be able to set the hood at any angle and have it stay there.


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