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 Personal Car Links

These are links to sites that provide information on Chevelle's and personal web pages about the muscle cars

Commercial Car Links

These are links to sites that sell parts for classic car restoration

This page features links to sites that I am webmaster of or they have helped me with this project

AZ Custom Auto

          AZ CARS - Arizona custom automobile restoration service

Lucky Luciano Custom Paint

          Here is the link to the website for the artist that painted my 68 Chevelle

Detroit Electric        

        Dedicated to the antique electric car. Watch the restoration of a 1914 Detroit Electric and check out the 1922 Model 90

Cadillac Pro

        Home of Cadillac Joe, Classic car restoration and custom Cadillac's

        1972 Buick Riviera by Revelations AKA "Elvira"  

        Watch the restoration of a 1971 Mustang Mach one M code

Revelations the future of automotive's past

The Interior Shop

        Custom interiors for custom rides       








Shelf that Slides

                    A website with valuable information on kitchen organization with pull out shelves. They do not sell anything but they do have links to other websites that sell quality sliding shelves.

Kitchen Shelves

                    Another great website for finding rolling shelves and kitchen accessories to help make your life easier

Shelves That Slide

                      Custom made pull out shelves for kitchen, pantry and bathroom cabinets. Also a nice selection of kitchen accessories for home organization. Quality sliding shelves from a quality company

TV Shelves

                      Looking for a slide out swivel system for your Television? How about a lift system for your plasma TV. Take a look at the selection of slideout systems and wall mounting brackets

Sliding Shelves

                    Looking for a low cost alternative for roll out shelves? Sliding Shelves offers a lower cost (of course lower quality but still better than most rolling shelf companies) sliding shelf 

TV Shelves

                    Our .net version of our TV shelf site. Swivel shelves, plasma lifts, pull out tv shelves, wall mount LCD and more

Sliding Shelves

                    Our .net version of our sliding shelves site. Custom pull out shelving for your kitchen cabinets. Our roll-out shelves are a great value with no split and warp prone hardwood used. We use Baltic Birch, the best drawer wood in the world

Shelves That Slide

                    Our .net version of our shelves that slide website. Custom pullout shelves from the original pull out shelf company. Forget the copycats and stay with the one who has done it right for 15 years. The pullout shelving king, shelves that slide

Kitchen Shelves

                    Our .net version of our kitchen shelves website. The second best place to buy pull out shelving, shelves that slide is of course the best place for pull out shelves

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