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My 68 Chevelle

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Beginning Assembly Result


My 68 Chevelle

1968 Chevrolet Chevelle restomod

My 68 Chevelle blue eyed devil 1968 chevy malibu Falken tires
Falken 2014 Calendar - My 68 Chevelle

Follow the progress in the restoration of a 1968 Chevelle Malibu
Classic American muscle car born again
This website follows the restoration of a 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu. Well not really a restoration but a resto-mod. Restomod is restoration with intentional modification using parts that are not original or intended for use on the car you are restoring. Turns out I guess I was really building a Pro-Touring car. You won't find anything for sale on this website except maybe some left over parts from the build, nor will there be any pop up ads. You are quite welcome to link to this site or to point others interested in classic cars to it. Please do not use any of my pictures for commercial use without contacting me first for my permission. This site is for the sole purpose of presenting information for the enjoyment of muscle car enthusiasts. For those of you that are purest and only want a concourse restoration I apologize but you will be disappointed with this site. Please understand that if this was an original Chevelle SS with matching numbers throughout I never would have taken this car in the direction I have. If you are interested you will read about the car and why I have gone the way I have. Please feel free to contact me with your questions or comments. If the site shows that it is being visited I will spend more time improving it, if it sits unused I will spend my time more productively. If you have a good site or know of a good site that also shares the love of American Custom Classic automobiles please let me know. If I like the site or the car I will add it to my links. I am not a Chevy only type so go ahead and send your websites on muscle cars such as Corvettes, Cutlass, GTO's, Mustangs and even Mopar (sorry guys, just an easy dig). I hope to add valuable links to help others find the information they are looking for. There are a ton of good classic cars websites out there with decoding information or just tips to prevent you from making a costly mistake on your muscle cars.

Watch the progress as we restore and rebuild this Chevrolet Chevelle. I say watch because I will probably have more pictures of the restoration then I will have words. I have a link page with links to websites with information on Chevelle restoration and or parts for sale to help with your restoration. One thing I have learned during this process is patience. This is dragging along much slower than I anticipated but most of that was due to the fact that I did not have a clear idea of what I wanted to do with my Chevelle. Have been getting spoiled by some of the sweet rides that I saw at the SEMA and decided that maybe someday we can get the Chevelle to the SEMA show. I am starting to think that this build may be getting over my ability. I am pleased that Pin from Pin Did It has come on board to give this project direction. With Cadillac Joe there to take care of the mechanical side ad Pin handling the rest the Chevelle has taken a new direction and is finally making big progress

"Blue Eyed Devil"



We did not take the Chevelle to Good-Guys Southwest Nationals this year but she was still there, well sort of. We were proud to see that our Chevelle made the Good-Guys yearbook for the third time now. This year she was honored with a half page

October 2014

It was back to SEMA for our little Blue Eyed Devil. Hopefully you were able to check out the Magna-Flow trailer where she was parked. This is the 7th time the Chevelle has gone to Vegas for SEMA. Last year it was the palms, she did the Hardrock back a few years and the other five times she has been in the SEMA show


The Chevelle made it to MagnaFlow for her custom made new system and while there she was shot for the 2015 Falken Tire calander

July 2014

All back together and better than ever. The new pulley set up has been tweaked and re-tweaked and is finally working well. The German square weave carpet looks great and to top it all off My 68 Chevelle is on the cover of the September / October issue of Maximum Drive! Great write up and some really great shots, don't miss it!

November 2013

Blue Eye Devil as Pin likes to call her, sat on the floor of the Palms Hotel and Casino during the 2013 SEMA show. Sitting very pretty back on the Budnik Revolvers wheels with Falken tires

July 2013

Well we decided we had waited long enough and it was time to rip apart the interior, cut up the floor and expand the tunnel. Why we would we do this you ask? We had to to fit in the TCI six speed transmission. Chucky did a great job re-fabricating the floor, installing the new tranny and while he was at it he rewired the dash, added lighting under the center console, hung the AC and a whole bunch of other clean ups. The Budnik's are back on as I really love the look they give the car. You will have to wait on some pictures but the new carpet that Todd put in is amazing.

Older updates

    Well got my Chevelle to SEMA 2007 and 2008! It sat on the floor of the HardRock hotel SEMA month 2009 and back to SEMA for 2010. Thank you to Meguiar's for having us in their outdoor booth in 07. The Chevelle sat right on the corner of Paradise and Convention Center drive. We went to the post SEMA car show at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. The Chevelle took first place for pre 1980 cars! At least some of that credit goes to our new Turnkey engine. You can say we made a drastic power change, check out the engine page to see what is up!

    We had good results at the 2008 World of Wheels in Glendale (Phoenix) Arizona. My Chevelle received five awards including outstanding display, Best in Class, Top Ten in Show, Super Rod Magazine award and best interior. Turns out that was the last year for AJ running the WOW show in AZ and the top ten trophy never materialized. Got to meet Boyd Codington at Good-Guys 2007 just a few months before he passed. We were selected for the pro-picks and it looked like he loved the Chevelle until someone pointed out the Budnik wheels. Shame he still held on to those grudges but I certainly understand. Anyway we did not win anything that year but we got GM muscle in 2008 and also took best of show in the Severed Ties show at Metro Centre. Missed Good-Guys 2009 as the Chevelle was on the floor of the HardRock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. It sat right inside the front door and she looked great on the new Asanti wheels and Lexani tires. For 2010 it was back to SEMA for MagnaFlow

1968 Chevelle Malibu

another great shot of my 68 chevelle from Falken tire
My 68 Chevelle a 1968 Malibu slighlty modified
My 68 Chevelle at the World of Wheels Jan, 2008

Meeting the late Boyd Codington (Photo courtesy GoodGuys)
Boyd Coddington 1968 chevelle

The Chevelle finally made it to SEMA. Four years and a whole lot of money and sweat later My 68 Chevelle makes it to the SEMA show in Las Vegas Nevada. With her new Turnkey engine she was very well accepted to say the least. I will be posting more pictures as time permits.

First place for pre 1980 cars at the Hard Rock Cafe and Casino's post SEMA car show

2005 SEMA show Pictures including the girls of SEMA
2004 SEMA pictures here

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