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Beginning Assembly Result


My 68 Chevelle Frame

Before After
1968 chevelle A body frame 

68 chevelle frame after powdercoating

After the body was off we got to check out the frame. Everything looked amazingly good. The rust that was on the frame was surface rust only. It looks like the frame had never been damaged or repaired. Everything looks straight and surprisingly clean. Joe surprised me when he asked what color did I want the frame. Then I was even more surprised when he said "besides black". Thinking back it only made sense, we were not restoring so why go boring black. Not that anything is wrong with black, it's just why not add some color and style to the project. The cost was same unless we went to something too fancy that required a clear coat over the powder. So color it is, take a look below to see what a great job Precision Powder Coat of Tempe did!. Also get a peek at the air bag suspension that is going in

Here are a few pictures of the frame after the body was off and it was loaded on the trailer for the trip to the powder coater

Click on the thumbnails below for a better look.

chevelle_frame0002.jpg (110439 bytes) chevelle_frame0001.jpg (196210 bytes) chevelle_frame0003.jpg (96534 bytes)

Check out the pictures after it gets back with the powder coat

frame_powder0004.jpg (87939 bytes)

frame_powder0005.jpg (75393 bytes) frame_powder0007.jpg (82323 bytes)
frame_powder0008.jpg (47443 bytes) frame_powder0009.jpg (105600 bytes) frame_powder0016.jpg (96748 bytes)
frame_powder0010.jpg (110211 bytes) frame_powder0012.jpg (92309 bytes) frame_powder0013.jpg (70444 bytes)

Reassembly has begun although it has been quite slow up to this time.

I hope to have some new pictures posted soon.


IMG_1370.JPG (78348 bytes)    IMG_1365.JPG (43469 bytes)

IMG_1372.JPG (63355 bytes)

Well we went to drop the engine in and had a surprise

IMG_1632.JPG (86556 bytes)IMG_1643.JPG (46926 bytes)

We had misplaced the motor mount brackets and grabbed the ones from a 71 Chevelle that happened to be sitting around the yard. Oops1 it had a big block which means shorter brackets and not going to happen. Good thing we found the old brackets and fired up the oven and our Powder Coat unit. In the picture the bracket on the left is the small block bracket which bolts up perfect with the 94 LT-1 motor

IMG_1664.JPG (66586 bytes)IMG_1648.JPG (78173 bytes)IMG_1665.JPG (38888 bytes)

With the right brackets everything fits like a charm!

IMG_4784.JPG (28442 bytes)

Finally ready for the body


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