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Headers & exhaust

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Beginning Assembly Result


1968 Chevelle plus LS = FAST

So we changed out the LT4 that you will find farther down this page and put in a new LS from Turnkey

Slowly but hopefully surely we are making progress

I will keep adding pictures when I have time

IMG_6532.JPG (107536 bytes)IMG_6533.JPG (79010 bytes)IMG_6534.JPG (82050 bytes)

We got our headers from S&S Headers and they look great, Unfortunately they did not clear the 700r4 bell housing
Loren from S&S actually came out to our shop to check out the fit, talk about good customer service!
He is going to make some changes and then tack a set together to have us test fit
IMG_6539.JPG (58992 bytes)IMG_6538.JPG (67236 bytes)

We got the modified headers back from S&S, it took two tries to get things just right
We just received the finished product and the fit is awesome
Nice and tight to the body, when we drop the bags we have about 1/4" clearance
IMG_7924.JPG (96744 bytes)IMG_7935.JPG (62119 bytes)IMG_7937.JPG (71301 bytes)

We also got our March pulley kit
unfortunately the power steering pump can not go where they want it because of the steering gear box
I emailed March but no response, I called and was told they could not help me.
We ended up machining our own aluminum bracket reversing the way the March pulley was built
IMG_7923.JPG (75582 bytes)IMG_7931.JPG (69070 bytes)IMG_7934.JPG (73524 bytes)

IMG_8286.JPG (50447 bytes)IMG_8287.JPG (49128 bytes)IMG_8289.JPG (36821 bytes)\

Greg and the guys at Mighty Muffler did a great job on the exhaust
IMG_8290.JPG (56987 bytes)IMG_8285.JPG (75447 bytes)IMG_8292.JPG (60107 bytes)

We ran 2 1/2" with a set of Magna Flow mufflers attached with flanges
We will take the entire exhaust down to be Jet Hot coated when the car is almost complete
IMG_7932.JPG (79862 bytes)

Got a 58mm Edelbrock throttle body on Ebay, now to get it polished!

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